Fundamental winter class

Fundamental Sub-Arctic Winter Class

March 2021!


Learn the fundamentals of what it takes to survive outdoors in sub-arctic winter conditions


Join us for a wonderful 6 day experience in the Norwegian winter wilderness. Odd Hjelen will guide you throughout the week and share his valuable experience as a survival instructor. Odd has trained both civilian and international military personnel for years in coping with the challenges of the icy north. 

The course will cover the basic skills needed to survive outdoors under winter conditions. We focus on teaching first aid, skiing techniques, suitable clothing, preventing and treating hypothermia, and conducting necessary planning. We cover topics such as orientation, ski marches, winter tents, snow bivouac, fire-making in wintertime, as well as bushcraft and survival techniques to increase your ability to survive in a sub-arctic winter enviroment.

On this course you will sharpen your outdoors skills and learn about practical and useful skills that will give you the bases for trips and expeditions in sub-arctic and arctic conditions.


We will meet up at the given location in the evening on Sunday. We will start right away with the first theory lessons. After a good night’s sleep indoors, we will spend most of Monday conducting necessary practical training. This includes fitting skies, pulks, tents, multifuel stoves and much more. Then we will pack and get ready for departure the following morning.

On Tuesday we’ll go into the wild, skiing from base to base in beautiful surroundings and spending the night in different types of bivouacs. We will spend 4 days and 3 nights in the wild before heading back for a shower and a nice dinner on Friday evening. You can spend the night indoors after the dinner and travel back home on the morning of Saturday after breakfast. 

No prior skiing or winter experience needed, although it will be an advantage to have some basic experience. Your physical condition should be at a level where you can walk 10km 3-4 days in a row, something most people will be able to do.

Course date: Comming soon!

Course fee: 7995NOK approx. 660GBP/730Euro

Deposit is 20% of course fee, will be invoiced after signup

The fee includes:

  • Transport to and from local train station
  • Accommodation indoors - 3 nights
  • Accommodation outdoors - 3 nights (tents or equivalent)
  • All meals, at site and in the field
  • Rental of equipment like special back country skies, pulks, tents, sleeping mats, etc.
  • Transport to and from mountain training area
  • Course dinner with drinks
  • Course certificate
  • Course material
  • Friendships for life

Due to amount of gear and equipment for all participants, we have to limit the number of participants to 6 people. At the same time we can not run this course with less than 4 participants.

A list of required and recommended clothing and gear will be issued, together with a travel description after payment.


What you need to bring:

Personal outdoors clothing, warm baselayers, toiletries and a sleeping bag suitable for sub-arctic conditions. That’s it!

For any question about the course, you can contact directly by email below

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