Norway has a wide-ranging landscape, boasting everything from high mountains and thick forests in the interior to rugged islands and deep fjords running along the coast of the Norwegian Sea. The varied climate attracts rich flora and an abundance of wildlife. 

From mild summers in the south-west to extreme Arctic conditions in the north, both animals and humans have adapted to the challenges of the climate and terrain.

For millennia inhabitants have lived closely here with nature, harvesting what they needed and living in covenant with the animals. Foraging, hunting and fishing runs in the blood of Norwegians - it was part of our livelihood until more recent times.

Still, a close relationship with nature remains an important aspect of life for many Norwegians. Whilst not necessarily essential for livliehood anymore, a close connection with the the land offers an escape from the stresses and hassles of modern life.


"The true religion of Norwegians is the nature. Our Gods are called the Mountain, the Plateau, and the Sea "

- Johan Galtung -

Norwegian Bushcraft and the Covid-19 pandemic

Corona or Covid-19 as it is called put our activity on hold in March 2020. The measures that were implemented in the community that stopped our activity have been lifted and we are running courses again. We do not want anyone to get sick or infect others at our courses, so we have some guidelines we follow. The content and quality of the courses will not be affected by this.

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