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Forest / Løten

Navigation Course


Forest / Løten

Navigation Course


Forest / Løten

To find more information about a comming up course, press the links in the schedule. For signup you can press here, and fill the form. First after payment, we have an agreement and you have secured a spot.


All ordinary classes are held in Stange or Løten Kommune if not other information is given. Travel by train is a good option.

We also offer tailored courses, guiding, or a combination together with you to give you the best option. You can also request for instructor support at your local arrangement, course senter or school, as well as option to set up a course at your place in your enviroment.

Why courses?

Myself, I do attend courses as a student in these outdoors subjects when ever I can. Even basic courses gives me new inputs and I learn from not only the instructors, but also the other students.

It is a great opportunity to strenghten your confidence in the skills often needed in outdoors activities.

Some skills are needed for a safety perspective, other are more to expand the arsenal of knowledge. Knowing how to do a bowdrill, or how to make baskets straight from the nature might not be life depending skills, but they are supplements that will make you become a greater and safer outdoors person.


Guiding is an alternative to courses, which usually takes place over a shorter period, is popular for a particular group, specific to a theme such as fishing, forest, mountain, coastal or primitive methods. The guided tour can be arranged so that it is not far to walk, or the opposite where everything is laid up to a hike, with information and demos along the way.

The guiding can cater for groups who want some information about local conditions, or generally want to learn more about a theme under realistic conditions. Groups like this may vary in size, and are often school classes, associations, businesses or groups of friends who want an experience out of the ordinary.

Training areas

We do coastal training in the middle part of Norway, were we have several areas to choose between. There are also possible to do almost any other training there due to the uniqe nature combination.

For all training except coastal, this can be done in most parts of Norway, but usually this classes will be in Innlandet. Close to the Oslo airport with flights to most countries, and train to our location.

Guiding can be arranged and planned according to what is desired.

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