Survival Course

The survival course will not only give you knowledge, but also experience useful in extreme situations. 

Why join a survival course?

All our daily choices are based on risk assessment. We do it every single day in different contexts, without thinking about it. Risk is a product of probability and consequence. The probability that something will happen, and the consequence (degree of severity) if it were to happen.

As an example, lets say that you are going on a canoe trip down a river for a few days. You have thought of all the possibilities and have all the necessary equipment with you to make the trip safe.

If you were to tip over and lose your equipment or the whole boat, the situation is suddenly turned upside down. The risk assessment you have made by bringing extra equipment is suddenly no longer relevant, because the necessary equipment is gone.

Now it will be crucial that you have acquired knowledge and experience in managing with very little, knowledge and experience in keeping warm, purifying water, knowing which plants you can eat, navigating with the help of nature, improvised first aid and medicinal plants, be able to signal for help and know how your body reacts to stress, fatigue and hunger.

This is where survival training really comes in, to reduce the consequences of what has happened (damage limitation). Survival training can also prevent a situation from arising, because you are prepared with the right knowledge, already during planning.

More info about the course will be available soon. 

We will provide the necessary equipment needed for completing the course. The things you will need to provide are some food, clothes, and shoes to be outdoors for 4 days in the current season.  You will also need to bring your personal things like sleeping bag, toiletry, clothes for change and such. A list of what you will need to bring will be provided when signed up and paid.

Price per participant two-days course approx NOK 3990

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For any question about the course, you can contact us directly by email below