Odd Hjelen


Odd has been an instructor for a long time.

He has trained both civilian and international military personnel for years in coping with the challenges of the wild. He is highly appreciated by both students and other instructors through his way of teaching and integrating with the students. He appreciates teaching skills that can be useful, both in recreation and in crisis situations.

Odd himself grew up in a rural area with all kinds of nature, this is where it all started. Later he joined the military and have been an officer and instructor in many diciplines. Odd has also completed several survival courses himself, including SERE courses. Furthermore, Odd has in 2021 graduated and been approved as a qualified wild edibles expert. During the years, Odd have spent a lot of time perfecting his fire skills. He is considered an expert by many in primitive fire making.


From letter of recommendation

I’ve worked with Odd as my lead instructor on numerous occasions, training both military and civilian personnel in various contexts. Odd’s dedication, wide knowledge and professionalism has made him one of the most respected instructors I know in survival and bushcraft for the sub-arctic environment.

Fredrik Rye-Ramberg, ret. Military SERE specialist, Winter Warfare Instructor and Commander of winter training at the Swedish Armed Forces NCO Academy.

From letter of recommendation

I have had the pleasure of working together with Odd during a winter warfare course.

 During the course Odd has been responsible for the winter survival exercises.

 Odd has shown an extraordinary knowledge and understanding of winter survival, bushcraft and military operations in subarctic environment. The skills and talent Odd possess in these fields can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to operations and survival in subarctic environments.

 It has been a great joy working together with Odd and I can strongly recommend him for military units and/or civilians looking to enhance their capability in the fields of bushcraft and winter survival.


Oscar Karlflo

Second Lieutenant SVEROF

Feedback from students

”I’m extremely appreciative of him sharing his knowledge with us and being patient with newcomers to the environment.”


”Such a vast amount of knowledge and everything was explained and shown in such a way that you actually felt confident enough to be out in   -25C overnight, and actually sleep without have him there beside you all night.”


”Very good knowledge of winter survival!”


”Can survive anywhere!”


”Great guy, very knowledgeable and approachable.”


”Good man in a storm. Inspiring.”


”Broad knowledge and a lot of survival skills.”


”Survival in the winter forest has a synonym for me now -Odd.”

Isabel von Klitzing


Isabel is both a certified mushroom expert and wild edibles expert, and collects both wild plants and mushrooms for food herself. She also has a lot of experience with growing vegetables from a

self sufficient perspective, as well as methods for preserving food. Furthermore, she has experience with both hunting and fishing.

Isabel has done several courses in traditional handicrafts such as basket weaving, as well as that she has instructed in this several times both on courses and workshops.

She has many bushcraft courses behind her as an instructor, and with her knowledge, she is a valuable instructor for Norwegian Bushcraft.

Feedback from participants

"Isabel has so much knowledge about plants and mushrooms!

"She spotted an edible plant and a poisonous plant side by side from 10 meters!"

"Isabel taught me to make a whole nice basket just from sticks in nature!"