Bushcraft course

Bushcraft Course


A course in "Bushcraft", the art of living a simpler outdoor life where you learn to manage with less equipment. Norwegian Bushcraft takes safety seriously, so we will refresh your first aid knowledge during the course. We will train you in the safe use of tools such as knives, axes and saws. We will focus on awareness of fire hazards and you will gain experience in creating a safe campfire. During this course you will:

  • Learn how to make things you need instead of bringing stuff, you will learn how to make ropes and other cordage from different natural plants, as well as making your own containers and other useful tools.

  • We will give you experience with smart use of tarps to replace tents, emergency shelters and more.

  • Learn how to make fire in different ways, including historical methods such as flint and steel, and the even older skill of creating fire from friction. During this course we will try bowdrill, a method of creating fire by friction. You will create your own bowdrill set that you will use to make fire.

  • Prepare meals together over an open fire. We will look at different ways to prepare meat, fish and bread. We will also learn about local edible plants and have a taste. You will source water locally and learn how to make it safe to drink.

This course will cover a number of important bushcraft skills, as well as hygiene, toilets, knots, emergency bivouac, carving, natural navigation and plants that can be used as a substitute for medicines, are some other things that will spice up the course along the way. Each participant will receive the necessary materials such as a firesteel, mosquito net, booklets and more, as well as a certificate after completing the course. 

The course normally runs over 3 days, from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. The course is held in Norwegian and/or English, depending on the participants. We also have a 4-day course, this course has more focus on different crafts or skills (theme) such as basket weaving, survival, fishing and more. The subject of the courses will be announced in advance.

The course will be held in Stange or Løten in an area which is easily accessable, about an hour from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Adress will be given when you are signed on. If you choose to travel by train, we will pick you up at nearest train station, and bring you back there after the course.

We will provide the necessary equipment for completing the course. We do that so you will not need to buy extra equipment, and dont have to travel to heavy. The only things you will need to provide are clothes, shoes and a sleeping bag to be outdoors for 3 days in the current season. You will also need to bring your personal things like toiletry, clothes for change and such. and If you prefer a tent, you can borrow one from us. If you have some equipment you prefere to use, you can also bring this. 

The price for each participant:  2950 NOK for the 3-days course, and 3700 NOK for the 4-days course.

(Hot meals included)

To book your place on the course, you can sign up here.

For any question about the course, you can contact us directly by email below