One-day fireskills class

The fireskills class is a course that deals with typical bushcraft and primitive methods of ignition. The course also includes different types of campfires for different situations and weather conditions.

The course lasts 5-6 hours and is outdoors. You must therefore dress according to the conditions and bring some food. It is of course possible to cook your food over the fire. Coffee, tea, water and more are available all day.

Norwegian Bushcraft focuses on safety, and we therefore have trained instructors on first aid and we will go thru the safe use of tools such as knives, axes and saws. We will focus on fire hazards and you will gain experience in making a safe campfire site.

  • We start with the firesteel, here you will gain knowledge and skills that enable you to ignite with different materials even under adverse conditions. The firesteel has the advantage that it is not affected by moisture or cold, and is thus a reliable and faithful companion when you know how to use it correctly. All participants receive a one of these as part of the course.

  • We also look at ignition sources that were used before the matches came 200 years ago, a historical and fun skill to know.

  • Much of the course involves practice with frictional fire, here it is mainly the bow drill that is suitable in the Nordic countries, and we therefore focus mostly on this method. This is a popular method within Bushcraft worldwide.

Price per. participant 499 NOK

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