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Bushcraft for everyone!

Are you already an avid hiker, or perhaps you haven't been out as much as you would like?

Our Bushcraft courses are suitable for everyone and the level is adapted to the individual. You will never stop learning.

Bushcraft is about survival in nature with less gear, where knowledge replaces much of the technical equipment. You will be able to thrive with less gear and be safe by yourself. Knowledge weighs nothing.

Bushcraft is also about respect for nature. The more you learn about plants, trees and animals, the more respect you develop and learn to take care of the environment.

Bushcraft is sustainability!



- Mantracking course in September. See course page for info.


- We are planning a survival course - summer 2024


- Dates for Bushcraft courses the first half of 2024 are now set and ready for sign-up.

Norwegian Bushcraft offers:

  • Guiding

  • Informative guiding

  • Courses

Courses in wilderness subjects

  • Mini courses

Courses for youth and children

  • Demos

To be demonstrated for groups or at stands

  • Free downloads

Stuff for you to download

About Norwegian Bushcraft

We run courses within Bushcraft, survival, and related wilderness subjects. We do also contribute to other companies and organisations with instructor support on request. 

Norwegian Bushcraft has existed since 2011, and in 2018 the company was officially established. Norwegian Bushcraft is a company that can easily adapt in order to provide the best results for you as the customer. We involve other specialists when needed to create the best possible training.

Norwegian Bushcraft Odd Hjelen Org.nr: 921 182 694